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Reblog if you think it’s okay for a black person to cosplay a white character




I’m having an argument with my boyfriend about this, and he thinks that me and a select few people are the only ones who think this okay. Please help me prove that he is so very wrong.

Basically if a black person can cosplay a white person then a white person can cosplay a black person?

yup anyone can cosplay anyone regardless of race or gender uwu

Best things in life are available in Japan

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See, I hate pictures like this. Why is it seen as though a man is doing a favor if he’s doing the dishes? Why is it said that he’s nice enough to do the dishes? Why is it just expected that the women will do the dishes, but the men are doing the women a favor if they do the dishes? 
No, you do not deserve a goddamn blowjob just for doing the dishes. If you live in the house and you eat in the house, you have the responsibility to do the dishes just like every other member of the house does. 
Having grown up in a patriarchal household, I’m having nothing of this. I am sick of seeing my father sit on the couch, eat his dinner, and then leave the dishes there for my mother to pick up and wash. It is not the woman’s job to do the dishes for you. 
It hurts to see fellow women circulating pictures like this. Stop trying to encourage the patriarchal roles. Stop trying to convince them that they have done you a huge favor if they did one household chore and that you should then give them a blowjob for it. 
Does he lick your pussy every time you do the dishes? No? How come? 
If he doesn’t, then why the hell should you?

^ reblogging for this comment and this comment alone. Fuck that sexist drawing


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ exactly

when the internet takes a lil over a millisecond to load


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It’s Duck, Duck, Grey Duck dammit.
No one will ever tell me otherwise.

what in the shit is “duck duck grey duck”

Minnesota what the hell

yeah i can confirm this is true

tbh ive been waiting all year to reblog this 








This a Moonmelon, scientifically knows as asidus. This fruit grows in some parts of Japan, and is known for its vibrant blue color. What you probably don’t know about this fruit is that it can switch flavors after you eat it. Everything sour will taste sweet, everything salty will taste bitter, and it gives water a strong orange-like taste. It’s also very expensive…costing about ¥16000 JPY (which is about 200 dollars).

or you know this could be photoshopped

but idk
you tell me

this is alexandrias melon (wow)
it never grows seeds but it can still produce other melons (its magic)
it is grown deep in the jungles of peru and can prevent you from aging well into the hundreds
it is known by the natives there as k’uhul ajaw cacao shi-jiiy.
its really strange how all of these pictures look exactly the same because everything on the internet is true

This is the Peppermeloni. (seriously gosh just look at that sexy mother fucker) Its scientific name is Tumblrous Pepperonus.
The only known specimen is in a pot in David Karps treasure dungeon. It is a tradition that a single slice is given to every tumblr blog that reaches 500,000 followers.
It has the remarkable property of being as healthy as watermelon but tasting like cheesy pepperoni pizza.
This planet is really just so amazing guys wow.

The taste of this melon will always surprise you.

I’m fucking done with this site

Hoo hoo! This is an Ice Melon, found only in kingdom of Arendelle. They sell on the black market for about 300 glowing troll crystals.  They’re guaranteed to cool you down in hot summer months. Eating too many of these can result in heart freeze and turning into a popsicle.